Seetru E-Range Pressure Extension

Bronze Medal Awarded

Seetru E-Range Pressure Extension: Seetru is proud to announce an expansion to the popular 818 range of atmospheric discharge safety valves. The new pressure extension significantly increases the maximum allowable set pressure for these versatile valves, offering enhanced protection and flexibility for a wider range of applications.

Previously, the maximum pressure for most of the 818 family of valves was 21 bar. With the pressure extension, this limit has been raised to a minimum of 40 bar with some models going even higher.

Image of a table, showing the pressure extension for Seetru's E-Range.  Image showing a table of technical information

Table showing the Seetru E-Range Pressure Extension.

Seetru’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is evident in this pressure extension. By expanding the capabilities of the 818 range, the company provides its clients with a wider range of safe valves and reliable SRV solutions for their specific needs.

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