Safety Valve Training

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Classroom-Based Training Courses

Helping you on the path to becoming a pressure relief valve expert!

Enrol onto our UK training courses and benefit from our hands-on approach to teaching. Our organisation has over seventy years of experience in the pressure relief valve industry, gain your in-depth understanding of safety valves through a carefully structured range of theoretical and practical lessons from a specialist safety valve manufacturer.

Seetru Limited in association with our business partners are able to offer a range of safety valve training courses.

Training courses are available through our UK training centers, alternatively, we can arrange for one of our trainers to come to your place of work. For a competitive quotation please contact our sales team.

If you have a particular training requirement which are not currently listed, please contact us with details and we will
customise a solution to fit your needs.

One-Day Safety Valve Training Course

One-Day Safety Valve Training Course

Enrol onto our one-day training course and gain a complete theoretical understanding of our pressure relief valves

What will be covered in the one-day training course?

  • The function of safety and relief valves

  • Construction and design of safety and relief valves

  • Sizing and selection 

  • Flowing characteristics of safety and relief valves

  • Overpressure and Blowdown

  • Blowdown and Accumulation Rings

  • UV and V designations

  • Bore Size designations 

  • Bellows applications and replacement

  • Controlling the isolation of pressure relief streams

  • Safety and relief valve overhaul and maintenance

  • Installation and storage

Looking for In-depth knowledge about the maintenance and repair of safety relief valves?

Enrol onto our two-day training course and get hands-on, practical experience with our experienced safety valve technicinans.


Two-Day Safety Valve Training Course

Two-Day Safety Valve Training Course

What will be covered in the two-day training course?

Everything from our one-day course PLUS:
  • Pre-strip down activities

  • Checking components and recording

  • Finishing and Lapping

  • Light banding test  procedure

  • Re-assembly

  • Setting and testing

  • Sealing and type approval nameplates

Speak to Seetru about our safety valve training courses

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