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The Service-Arm of Seetru

The Service-Arm of Seetru

Seetru Engineering Services (SES) is the service arm of Seetru Limited which is a long-established Safety Valve manufacturer of over 70 years.  SES has been founded on the ability to react to customers’ individual requirements and to deliver total engineering solutions that improve the safety, quality, and value of our customers’ activities.

Today, our pedigree is demonstrated through our skilled people and our patented, unique, and exceptional new products and solutions.

We are seeking to exceed your expectations in all tasks and promote long-term customer relations.

Expertise & Approvals
  • Safety Assessment Federation Ltd – SAFed – In-situ Safety Valve Testing
  • ASME Trained Safety Valve Technicians
  • Lloyds Register Approval for Seetru online lift assist valve testing method.
  • Royal Sun Alliance approval for Tru-tester®
  • Lloyds Register Approval for Seetru Single-Shot Condition Rating® Testing
  • Zurich Acceptance for in-situ testing and refurbishment procedures.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management
  • Investors In People (As of January 2003, Seetru Limited was recognised as meeting the National Standard of Effective Investment in People.)
  • First Point Assessment (FPAL) empowered by Achilles Certificate of Registration.
  • Utilities Vendor Database (UVDB) empowered by Achilles Certificate of Registration
  • Safe Contractor Accreditation (Accreditation in recognition of reaching the SAFE contractor health and safety standards.)

Seetru Engineering Services

Safety Valve Services
  • Safety valve repair, maintenance, and overhaul
  • Safety valve health monitoring  /  life-cycle management
  • Safety valve inventory management
  • Dedicated national workshops


Other Services
  • Control & isolation valve testing and health monitoring
  • Control & isolation valve maintenance and overhaul
  • Steam trap maintenance and repair
  • Pressure gauge calibration


Site Services
  • Site services – facilitated through our fleet of mobile service vans
  • In-situ testing – using our ATEX-approved Seetru Tru-test® System
  • In-situ safety valve maintenance
  • In-situ control and isolation valve testing and maintenance
  • System/plant safety assessments


LESER Approved Repair Centers

Seetru has a long-standing business relationship with LESER GmbH & Co. KG.  Seetru Engineering Services workshops are the only fully approved LESER-approved repair centers in the United Kingdom.

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Safety Valve Management

Safety is paramount

Why is the testing and refurbishment of safety valves crucial?

Safety valves and pressure relief valves (PRVs) play a crucial role in safeguarding industrial equipment and preventing catastrophic accidents.  These valves act as a final line of defense, releasing excess pressure when it exceeds safe operating limits. To ensure their effectiveness, regular testing and refurbishment are essential.

Why is the testing and refurbishment of safety valves crucial?

Over time, safety valves and PRVs can become susceptible to wear and tear, corrosion, and debris buildup. These factors can compromise their ability to open and release pressure at the correct set point, potentially leading to equipment failures and hazardous situations.


The Benefits of Regular Testing?

Scheduled testing of safety valves and PRVs offers numerous advantages:

  • Early Detection of Issues: Identifying potential problems early on allows for timely repair or replacement, preventing costly downtime and potential disasters.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Regular testing ensures adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements, minimizing the risk of legal liabilities.
  • Enhanced Equipment Longevity: Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of these critical components, reducing long-term replacement costs


Refurbishment: Restoring Optimal Performance

In cases where safety valves and PRVs exhibit significant wear or damage, refurbishment may be necessary.
Refurbishment involves a comprehensive overhaul of the valve, including:

  • Thorough Cleaning: Removing dirt, debris, and corrosion buildup to restore internal components.
  • Inspection and Repair: Identifying and replacing worn or damaged parts, such as seals, springs, and discs.
  • Lapping and Polishing: Ensuring a tight seal between the disc and seat for optimal pressure control.
  • Testing and Calibration: Verifying the valve’s set point and ensuring accurate pressure relief.
  • Investing in Safety

Contact Information

Our sales engineers here at Seetru Limited have extensive knowledge and experience of safety valve selection and sizing. We recommend that you contact our team to discuss your requirements.

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