Circular Window Sight Glasses

Reliable level indication and positive indication when liquid is present


Window Sight Glasses

  • Maximum Temperature: 180°C
  • Maximum Pressure: 24 bar
  • Connections: 1/2" BSP/NPT to 2" BSP/NPT Others available on request
  • Body Materials: Mild steel zinc plated Stainless steel 316



Keeping a watchful eye on your industrial processes is crucial for optimal performance and safety. That’s where Seetru’s Circular Window Sight Glasses step in, offering a simple yet effective solution for visual level and flow monitoring.


These compact and reliable gauges boast several key advantages:

Unobstructed View:

Their high-quality glass windows provide a clear and undistorted view of the internal liquid level, even in challenging lighting conditions.


Wide Versatility:

Seetru’s sight glasses accommodate a variety of liquids, including water, oils, lubricants, and chemicals, making them suitable for diverse applications.


Rugged Construction:

Built with durable materials like brass and stainless steel, these gauges withstand high pressures and temperatures (up to 180°C and 24 bar g), ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding environments.
Leak-proof Design: The fully sealed glass window eliminates the risk of leaks, protecting both personnel and equipment.


Easy Installation:

Available in various thread sizes and configurations, Seetru’s sight glasses offer quick and hassle-free installation in tanks, pipes, and other vessels.
Whether you’re monitoring the level of coolant in a machine, the flow of oil in a pipeline, or the presence of liquid in a storage tank, Seetru’s Circular Window Sight Glasses provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for visual process monitoring