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Valves for the Hot Water Industry

When it comes to hot water, safety reigns supreme. From steaming boilers to scalding taps, robust protection ensures both comfort and peace of mind. Seetru, a veteran of valve engineering, steps forward with a range of products specifically designed to conquer the challenges of hot water applications. Whether you’re a plumbing professional navigating complex industrial systems or a homeowner seeking reliable protection for your domestic boiler, Seetru empowers you to control the heat with confidence.

Our acclaimed LGS safety valve range, lauded for its dual-guided spindle and innovative Rock-Seal™ technology, delivers unparalleled performance and durability.

For double-layered defense, Seetru’s pressure and temperature relief valves stand guard, offering automatic release against both excessive pressure and soaring temperatures. Dive into Seetru’s world of hot water solutions and discover how we turn up the comfort while turning down the risk.

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Suitable for the following applications:
  • Hot water boilers
  • Heating systems
  • Heating cylinders
  • Water supply systems
  • Potable water


We have the LGS (L36) and HI-FLOW (H36) models for safety relief and the P&T – Pressure and Temperature relief valve (P3W) for applications that require both pressure relief and temperature relief.

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Protection against both excess temperature as well as over pressurisation…

Pressure & Temperature Relief Valves

Pressure & Temperature Relief Valves

A P&T valve or pressure and temperature relief valve is installed on modern heating boilers, steam boilers, water heaters, and on certain other pressurized or heated tanks and equipment to release hot water and pressure should the boiler’s internal pressure or temperature rise to an unsafe level. Without a temperature pressure relief valve, your water heater would run the risk of exploding if the temperature or pressure got higher than the tank was designed to handle.

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Technical Information for Seetru's LGS Safety Relief Valve and P3W P&T Relief Valve range

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Seetru offers a comprehensive range of valves specifically designed for safe and reliable hot water applications. From industrial boilers to domestic water heaters, our valves provide essential protection against excess pressure and temperature. Our flagship LGS safety valve series features a dual guided spindle and innovative Rock-Seal™ technology for exceptional performance and longevity. Additionally, Seetru pressure and temperature relief valves offer a double layer of defense, automatically discharging water if either pressure or temperature rises beyond safe limits. Explore Seetru’s range and ensure optimal control and safety for your hot water systems.


View or download technical datasheets for the Seetru LGS / LGS HI-FLOW safety relief valves, and the P3W pressure and temperature relief valve.  These detailed documents contain full technical information, including flow rates.

Contact Seetru to discuss your requirements for safety in the Hot Water Industry.

View or Download the Seetru P3W P&T Valve Datasheet Visit or download the LGS Safety Valve Brochure

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Our sales engineers here at Seetru Limited have extensive knowledge and experience of safety valve selection and sizing. We recommend that you contact our team to discuss your requirements.