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Safety in the Liquid Industry

Safety relief valves (SRVs) are essential safety devices in the liquid industry.  They protect pressure vessels and other equipment from overpressure, preventing catastrophic failure and potential injury or loss of life. SRVs are also used to prevent the release of hazardous liquids into the environment.

SRVs work by automatically opening when the pressure in a system exceeds a predetermined setpoint.  This allows excess fluid to escape, relieving the pressure and preventing damage to the system. SRVs are designed to close quickly once the pressure has been relieved, preventing further fluid loss.

The Seetru Range of Safety Valves for Liquids

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The Seetru range of safety valves for liquid applications has been designed to be compact and highly efficient. The bubble-tight sealing performance makes these valves suitable for many liquid applications including hydraulic systems, pumping systems, thermal relief, chemical storage, waste-water management, oil transfer, petrochemical industry, fire fighting equipment, and water cooling systems.  Suitable for temperatures up to 250°C

The valves are EAC customs union (Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan) approved and comply with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive, PED (CE marked). This range of valves has the option of either elastomer sealing or metal-to-metal sealing


Safety Relief Valves suitable for the following industries/applications:
  • Pumping systems and Hydraulic systems
  • Thermal relief
  • Waste water management
  • Oil transfer
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Water cooling and feeding systems


Product Showcase - LGS (Liquid, Gas, Steam)

LGS® (Liquid, Gas, Steam)

The Seetru LGS® Multi-Purpose Safety Relief Valve range represents a state-of-the-art design with dual guided spindle as well as the Seetru Rock-Seal™ seal technology for repeatable high-performance sealing.  It is a high-quality valve of modular design and construction incorporating the Seetru proprietary compact design technology – providing a highly cost-effective range of valve solutions.

LGS® valves have a robust and reliable construction designed for the widest range of industrial applications.  The LGS® range is suitable for a wide variation in flow characteristics, coping with both low-volume and high-relief capacity applications. The single trim design means that the components are all common across liquid, gas, and steam; and that any LGS® valve can be used in any of these applications.

All of our valves are available from DN15 to DN65 (1/2″ to 2 1/2″ BSP female connections).  The pressure range is 0.2 to 24 bar g. (depending on seal and duty)

> The LGS range is UKCA-approved and marked.

> Both the PTFE and the EPDM sealed LGS valves have WRAS approval, View the WRAS certificate for the LGS range of valves

> Also LGS valves have KUKreg4 approval (Regulation 4(1)a of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 England & Wales: 2009 Northern Ireland and 2014 Byelaws Scotland)

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Seetru Safety Relief Valves for Liquids

Seetru safety relief valves are supplied UKCA approved and marked

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Pressure & Temperature Relief Valves for Hot Water

Protection against both excess temperature as well as over pressurisation

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The Seetru P3W Pressure & Temperature valve provides protection against both excess temperature as well as over pressurisation. The valve will automatically discharge hot water at a predetermined set pressure and/or temperature. Each of the lift mechanisms will work independently of each other. The valve is designed to be used in hot water boiler applications.

  • Size range: 1/2” (DN15) to 2 1/2” (DN65)
  • Set Pressure Range: 0.4 to 12.5 bar
  • Set Temperature: 90 – 95°C
  • BSP taper male inlet connections
  • BSP parallel outlet connections
  • WRAS-approved PTFE valve seal and silicone diaphragm
  • Sealed lever
  • WRAS Approved (all sizes and pressures) – certificate number 2011005
  • Designed in accordance with BS EN 1490 (Building valves. Combined temperature and pressure
    relief valves. Tests and requirements)
  • Valves supplied pre-set at the required set pressure and temperature
  • Test certificate supplied free of charge
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