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Safety valves, change-over valves, and liquid level gauges are essential components of refrigeration systems, ensuring safe and efficient operation.  Without them, the system would be at risk of failure, which could result in damage to the system, injury to personnel, or environmental contamination.  By using our high-quality refrigeration valves and gauges, you can be confident that your system is protected and operating at its best.

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Safety Relief Valves

Safety Relief Valves suitable for the following industries/applications:

  • Compressor manufacture
  • Industrial refrigeration
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Ice making machinery
  • Air conditioning
  • R744 CO2 refrigeration
  • R717 Ammonia refrigeration (stainless steel valves)

The Seetru range of safety valves for refrigeration applications is designed to meet the needs of the refrigeration industry, offering safety valve technology for compressor manufacturers, industrial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration, ice-making systems, and air conditioning. Safety valves are compact and designed with bonded sealing technology and the highest possible sealing performance to comply with the most stringent environmental standards.

We have valves suitable for refrigerants HCFC, HFC, R717 (Ammonia), R744 (CO2)

The models that use bonded elastomer sealing are leak tested to better than 10-5 mbar litres/sec on Helium. This is equivalent to a leakage rate of less than 1oz in ten years. Suitable for operating temperature in the range -30 °C to +200 °C.


Seetru Safety Relief Valves for Refrigeration Applications

Safety Relief Valves suitable for the following industries/applications:

Manufactured in accordance with a wide range of international standards and approvals such as BS EN ISO 4126, TÜV (Germany) to AD Merkblatt A2, National Board UV Stamp to ASME Section VIII Division 1, EAC customs union (Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan), CRN and compliant with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive, PED (CE marked).

Seetru safety relief valves are now supplied UKCA-approved and marked

For information and guidance on how to install the valves, be sure to visit our Technical Information Page where you can find installation instructions.

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Change-Over Valves

Change-over valves allow operators to switch between two or more refrigeration systems without interrupting operation. This is useful for maintenance purposes, as it allows one system to be taken offline for servicing while the other system remains in operation.

Change-Over Valves for the Refrigeration Industry

Change-Over Valves

This valve is used if a plant shutdown is impossible or undesirable for process engineering or commercial reasons. With change-over valves, it is possible to switch over between parallel safety valves without interrupting operation, so that maintenance work can be carried out on each safety valve in turn.

Flanged inlet connections are also available on request.
Typically used in the refrigeration industry, however, they are used elsewhere and are suitable for wide industrial applications.

Liquid Level Gauges

Liquid level gauges allow operators to monitor the level of refrigerant in a refrigeration system. This is important for ensuring that the system has enough refrigerant to operate efficiently and to prevent the system from running dry.

Liquid Level Gauges for use with Refrigerants

Liquid Level Gauges

Seetru liquid level gauges are primarily of two types, sight gauges and magnetic float by-pass gauges. Many of the gauges are direct reading though most have optional electronic remote reading systems and computer interfaces. The range includes the Quickmount, Seemag, and CPI gauges for industrial and chemical applications and the Seeflex and Seemag for marine applications.


We have the following Liquid Level content gauges for the Refrigeration Industry

We are able to supply our Refrigeration gauges with brass, mild steel, or stainless steel end units with either P.T.F.E. or elastomer seals to suit the refrigerant.

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