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Safety Valves & Pressure Reducing Valves for Steam

Safety valves and pressure-reducing valves are essential components of steam systems, helping to ensure safety and reliability.

Safety valves are designed to open and release excess pressure when it exceeds a predetermined set point. This helps to protect equipment and personnel from damage in the event of an overpressure event. Safety valves are typically required by law to be installed on all steam boilers and other pressure vessels.

Pressure-reducing valves are used to reduce the pressure of steam from a high-pressure source to a lower-pressure downstream system. This is necessary because many steam-powered devices and processes have a maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP) that is below the pressure of the steam supply. Pressure-reducing valves also help to control the flow of steam and maintain a constant pressure in the downstream system.

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Safety Relief Valves

suitable for the following industries/applications:

  • Autoclaves and sterilizers
  • Breweries
  • Clean steam
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Coffee machines
  • Multi-purpose plants
  • Steam boilers and plants


Seetru Safety Relief Valves for Steam Applications

The Seetru range of safety valves for steam applications is compact and highly efficient, designed with exclusive sealing technology offering repeatable sealing performance. Typical uses of these valves include autoclaves, the pharmaceutical industry, vending machines, hot water boilers, steam boilers, and plants as well as clean steam applications. Suitable for use up to 250°C and minimum dryness factor of 0.97.

Seetru safety relief valves are now supplied UKCA-approved and marked

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Along side our own manufactured items, you can find a range of
Pressure Reducing Valves from Schley Armaturen GmbH…

SCHLEY Pressure Reducing / Regulating Valves for the Steam Industry

Pressure Reducing Valves – from SCHLEY ARMATUREN GMBH

  • For industrial, chemical, steam, and oil & gas applications.
  • Connections: From DN15 to DN200 (1/2″ to 8″)
  • Outlet Pressures: From 0.5 to 40.0 bar


Materials available:
  • Ductile cast iron 0.7040
  • Cast steel 1.0619
  • Stainless steel 1.4408
  • Bronze CC480K (GbZ10)
  • Aluminum bronze CC333G
  • Super Duplex 1.4469

The function of pressure-reducing valves (pressure regulating valves) is, to reduce a varying or constant upstream pressure (inlet pressure) of the media to a constant reduced pressure (outlet pressure, back pressure) which depends on the upstream pressure.

Pressure-reducing valves can be supplied with flanges, weld ends, or threaded connections.

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