The Seetru Quicktester

Simplified Valve Testing
For compliance with pressure systems and safety equipment regulations

Product Description

This compact, lightweight, and portable design is very robust and able to meet the demands of a busy maintenance workshop or mobile operation. The Quicktester™ can be used with plant-generated air supplies or with mobile bottled gas. This test bench is supplied with a range of adaptors allowing connection between 1/4″ to 1″ BSP as standard, additional adaptors are available increasing the connection sizes up to 2″ BSP. The Quicktester™ is also available with NPT connection adaptors on request.


Features & Benefits:

  • Simplified valve testing, for compliance with pressure systems safety & equipment regulations.
  • Enables rapid valve testing in complete safety.
  • Highly portable, compact design (subject to suitable compressed air supply).
  • Suitable for use on a wide range of valves.
  • Accurate, unambiguous pressure readout.
  • Very low consumption of supply medium.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Manufactured to quality system compliant with ISO9001.
  • Supplied with comprehensive instructions.
  • Pressure gauges are supplied as optional extras.
  • Can be supplied with a range of thread size adaptors



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Technical Information

Technical Information for the Seetru Quicktester™

  • Standard Maximum Operating Pressure
    Up to 55 bar / 797.71 psi
  • Connections
    BSP or NPT adaptors available

Economical in price and maintenance
Seetru is able to apply the latest large-scale manufacturing technologies to ensure economic first costs. Economy in use is ensured by the ease of installation and simple maintenance procedure.

Safety valve connection
A threaded connection is provided on the manifold unit for a safety valve to protect the air receiver. Safety valves can be supplied as optional extras, contact Seetru for information on our range of safety valves. (An enclosed discharge valve may be preferred where equipment is protected by a fire control system.)

Shut-off valve connection for pressure gauge
A connection with a shut-off valve is provided on the manifold unit for a pressure gauge, which can be fitted to monitor the pressure in the air receiver. Pressure gauges can be supplied as optional extras, contact us for information.

Integrated inspectors test point
A connection is provided for the connection of an inspector’s pressure test gauge.

Fusible plug thermal protection
The GS56 has the facility for a fusible thermal plug to protect the air receiver from over-pressure due to heat (e.g. In the case of fire). The plug fuses at a defined temperature and releases the pressurized air in the receiver. Plugs are supplied as optional extras.

Siphon drain valve
An optional siphon drain valve can be supplied with the GS56. This valve is connected to a long tube, which reaches low into the receiver vessel when opened, the pressure in the vessel forces any oil or water out through the tube.

Widely accepted worldwide approvals
Accepted by Lloyds for marine applications. Testing can be witnessed by marine approval authorities prior to despatch and certification is provided at extra cost. Compliant with the requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive, PED (CE marked).


View or Download the Quicktester Datasheet

Full Technical Information

View or Download the Quicktester Datasheet

Seetru offers a wide range of downloadable datasheets for our products, including safety relief valves, liquid-level gauges, and sight glasses.  These datasheets provide detailed information on the technical specifications, features, and applications of Seetru products.  They are an essential resource for engineers, designers, and other professionals who need to select the right Seetru products for their specific needs.


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