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Cyber Essentials Update

IT Systems Secured Through Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials Update: Seetru has achieved Cyber Essentials re-certification, marking a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to cyber security. This industry recognised standard demonstrates Seetru’s adherence to best practices in cyber security, safeguarding valuable data and ensuring the trust of clients and partners.

By successfully implementing these controls, Seetru have effectively reduced the risk of cyber attacks and strengthened the overall security posture of our IT systems. This achievement highlights Seetru’s proactive approach to cyber security and dedication to protecting assets and stakeholders.

But we’re not stopping there with this Cyber Essentials Update: The company is already on track to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus certification, the next level of cybersecurity assurance. This advanced certification involves a more comprehensive assessment, including external vulnerability scans and penetration testing, providing an even deeper level of protection against cyber threats

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