Type 346 / 356

> Safety valves with either Bronze or Stainless Steel body
> Enclosed discharge valve with threaded connections

Product Description

Type 346 / 356

10mm Nominal Bore Enclosed Discharge Safety Relief Valve for Cryogenic and liquefied Gas Applications or for CO2 or Ammonia Refrigeration


Example Applications:
  • Air/Gas systems
  • Pressure vessels
  • Medical gases
  • Technical Gases
  • CO2 refrigeration
  • Ammonia refrigeration (34610)
  • Cryogenic applications
  • Liquefied gases



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Technical Information

Technical Information for Type 346 / 356

  • Min. Pressure
    0.83 bar (12.04 psi)
  • Max. Pressure
    30.76 bar (446.02 psi)
  • Temperature Range
    -196°C to 50°C (subject to seal material)
  • Flow Rate
    70.85 mm² (9.5 mm inlet bore diameter)
  • Inlet Connection(s)
    3/8" to 3/4" BSP, BSPT, NPT
  • Outlet Connection(s)
    3/4" BSP, NPT
  • Flow Rate
    15.00 to 332.00 std. litres/sec.
  • Materials
    Brass & St. Steel or St. Steel
  • Seal Materials
  • Test Certification
    Included - supplied Free of charge
Flow Rates:

Flow calculated based upon: Air @ 15°C and 1013 mbar and are for guidance only, contact Seetru for help in sizing to your specifications.


  • The maximum permissible built-up back pressure is 10% of the set pressure
  • Stable operation on flows down to 50% of valve-rated capacity
  • Relieving pressure is set pressure +10% (0.1 bar below 1.55 bar)
  • Reseating pressure is set pressure -10% (0.3 bar minimum)
  • Materials meet the requirements of BAM (Germany) for Oxygen service


  • Designed in accordance with BS EN ISO-4126-1 & -7
  • PED 2014/68/EU (CE)
  • PE(S)R UK SI 2016 No. 1105 (UKCA)
  • EAC
  • Materials meet the requirements of BAM for oxygen service.


Long-Term Investment

By preventing costly breakdowns and downtime, safety relief valves offer long-term benefits for operational efficiency and equipment lifespan.


View or Download the Type 346 / 356 Datasheet

Full Technical Information - Including Flow Rates

View or Download the Type 346 / 356 Datasheet

Seetru offers a wide range of downloadable datasheets for our products, including safety relief valves, liquid level gauges, and sight glasses.  These datasheets provide detailed information on the technical specifications, features, and applications of Seetru products.  They are an essential resource for engineers, designers, and other professionals who need to select the right Seetru products for their specific needs.


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