The G34C CPI Reflex Gauge

Heavy duty liquid level gauge, suitable for high pressures/temperatures

Product Description

The G34C CPI Reflex Gauge is a heavy-duty (flat glass) liquid level gauge, suitable for high pressure/temperature combinations. The modular design is made up of compact and robust standard stainless steel precision cast elements.



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The G34C CPI Reflex Gauge

Technical Information for the Seetru G34C CPI Reflex Gauge

  • Maximum Temperature
  • Maximum Pressure
    35 bar
  • Valve Materials
    Stainless steel
  • Connections
    ANSI and DIN Flanged connections
  • Seal Materials
  • Glass
    Toughened borosilicate reflex glass to BS 3463
  • Guard Tube Materials
    Stainless steel
  • Lengths
    Minimum: 216mm / Maximum: 3246mm
  • Valve Types
    Hand-wheel isolation valves complete with auto safety shut-off valves


Column arrangements:
The Reflex gauge is available with either a straight or staggered column and a choice of valve positions, to provide uninterrupted centre-to-centre liquid level indication. With the use of extension pieces, most centre-to-centre distance requirements can be achieved.

The CPI gauge is supplied with hand-wheel isolation valves complete with ASV (auto shut-off valves). The ASV
feature means that in the unlikely event that the glass is damaged the contents of the tank will not be lost. Also available are drain and vent valves.

The CPI Tubular gauge is constructed from Stainless Steel (316) and has P.T.F.E. seals, meaning the gauge is suitable for a wide range of liquids.

Low-temperature applications:
A polycarbonate frost shield is available which enables the gauge to be used down to –30°C subject to fluid suitability.

Where a measure of the precise storage volume is required an engraved scale plate can be provided marked
with the capacity units.

Electronic & digital readout:
Remote reading systems and/or computer interface options provide a dual system with the advantages of both electronic and sight-glass systems. Level alarms can also be implemented



Pressured Insights

Don’t just gauge depth, gauge stability. Liquid level indicators handle fluctuating pressures in stride, providing accurate readings even under high-pressure conditions. Know your levels, even when the pressure’s on.


View or Download the Type G34C CPI Reflex Gauge Datasheet

Full Technical Information

View or Download the Type G34C CPI Reflex Gauge Datasheet

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