Schley T7 Pressure Regulating Valve

> Compact Construction Type
> High Control Accuracy

Product Description

Schley T7 Pressure Regulating Valve


For industrial, chemical, steam and oil & gas applications.

Connections: From DN15 to DN200 (1/2″ to 8″)

Outlet Pressures: From 0.5 to 40.0 bar


Materials available:
  • Ductile cast iron 0.7040
  • Cast steel 1.0619
  • Stainless steel 1.4408
  • Bronze CC480K (GbZ10)
  • Aluminum bronze CC333G
  • Super Duplex 1.4469



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Technical Information

Technical Information for Type T7

  • Valve Sizes
    DN15 (1 /2”) to DN200 (8”)
  • Pressure Rating
    PN16 - PN40 / CL 150 - CL300, 10K - 30K / other pressure ratings available on request
  • Flange according to
  • Materials
    EN-JS1030, | 1.0619+N / WCB | 1.7357 /WC6 | 1 .4408 / CF8M
  • Temperature range
    -45°C to +450°C
  • Modular construction system
    (same construction parts for gas and liquids)
  • With inside pulse line
  • Outlet pressure
    0,5 to 20 bar, lower or higher pressures available on request
  • Sealing
    metallic sealing or with soft sealing
  • Suitable for compressible and incompressible media
  • Max. reduction ratio


  • Compact construction type
  • Easy fit to the respective use because of the big variety of options
  • Same construction parts for gas, liquids and steam for an easier
    maintenance and repair
  • Inside spring (protected by bonnet)
  • Pulse line built at the valve, an installation of an external line is not
  • Simple and robust construction type for a high reliability and easy maintenance
  • Seat ring is screwed in (DN15 to DN40)
  • Lower total operational cost due to the optimised construction
  • Safe against pressure surges (0-Ring sealing)
  • High control accuracy
  • Constant control of the outlet pressure irrespective of inlet pressure
  • Valve locks up securely due to low pressure increase


Unseen, Yet Crucial

Pressure-reducing valves operate quietly in the background, their contribution often unnoticed. But their impact is undeniable, ensuring smooth flow, optimal efficiency, and safe operation in countless applications.


View or Download the Type T7 Datasheet

Full Technical Information - Including Flow Rates

View or Download the Type T7 Datasheet

The function of overflow valves (relief valves, pressure retaining valves) is, that the outflow of the medium at a set pressure, in which an existing back pressure or vacuum having no effect on the set over pressure (retaining pressure). The above listed items are characteristic for an upstream pressure regulator, by comparison to a normal safety valve. The safety valve is only a device to prevent a specific pressure from being exceeded (set pressure).


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