LGS Pressure Relief Valves

> Enclosed discharge valve with threaded connections

Product Description

LGS Pressure Relief Valves

The Seetru LGS range of pressure relief valves (otherwise known as safety relief valves) represents a state-of-the-art design with a dual guided spindle as well as the Seetru Rock-Seal™ seal technology for repeatable high-performance sealing. It is a high-quality valve of modular design and construction incorporating the Seetru proprietary compact design technology – providing a highly cost-effective range of valve solutions. LGS® valves have a robust and reliable construction designed for the widest range of industrial applications. The LGS® range is suitable for a wide variation in flow characteristics, coping with both low-volume and high-relief capacity applications. The single trim design means that the components are all common across liquid, gas, and steam; and that any LGS® valve can be used in any of these applications.


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Example Applications:
  • Air/Gas systems
  • Natural Gas
  • Pressure vessels
  • Medical gases
  • Technical Gases
  • CO2 refrigeration
  • Ammonia refrigeration (Stainless steel)
  • Cryogenic applications
  • Liquefied gases



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Technical Information

Technical Information for the LGS Safety Relief Valve Range

  • Min. Pressure
    0.2 bar (depending on seal and duty)
  • Max. Pressure
    24 bar (depending on seal and duty)
  • Temperature Range
    -60°C to +200°C (with PTFE seals (EPDM -45°C to +140°C)
  • Inlet Connection(s)
    (1/2” to 2 1/2” BSP female connections)
  • Flow Rate
    See Datasheet
  • Materials
  • Seal MaterialsMetal to metal
    P.T.F.E, / EPDM
  • Test Certification
    Included - supplied Free of charge
  • Designed in accordance with BS EN ISO-4126-1 & -7
  • PED 2014/68/EU (CE)
  • PE(S)R UK SI 2016 No. 1105 (UKCA)
  • EAC
  • WRAS
  • KUKReg 4


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Navigating the world of pressure control can be confusing, especially when encountering terms like “safety valve,” “pressure relief valve,” and “safety relief valve.” While they seem similar, subtle differences exist in their purpose and function.

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View or Download the Type LGS Datasheet

Full Technical Information - Including Flow Rates

View or Download the Type LGS Datasheet

Seetru offers a wide range of downloadable datasheets for our products, including safety relief valves, liquid-level gauges, and sight glasses.  These datasheets provide detailed information on the technical specifications, features, and applications of Seetru products.  They are an essential resource for engineers, designers, and other professionals who need to select the right Seetru products for their specific needs.


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