Seetru Company History

Read about our history as engineers and manufacturers

Founded In 1949

By Otto Varga and Leonard Taylor

Revolution in Sealing: In 1964

The Tutchtite valve seal system

1949: Oil exploration was booming, but gauging tank levels was messy and imprecise

Enter Otto Varga and Leonard Taylor, founders of Seetru. Their solution? The Seetru Gauge offers accurate, efficient level measurement.


Innovation Breeds Innovation

The Gauge’s success spurred Varga to tackle another problem: leaky valves. His invention, the push valve with an O-ring, eliminated leaks and paved the way for Seetru’s signature safety relief valves.

Early Expansion: From Bristol’s historic Queens Square to Isambard Brunel’s Temple Meads arches, Seetru carved its path. British Rail’s Red Star Service even helped deliver their products across the UK.

Revolution in Sealing: In 1964, the Tutchtite valve seal system arrived. This remarkable advance provided bubble-proof sealing for diverse pressures, needing no polishing or lapping. Performance soared, maintenance was simplified, and long service life for the rubber component was guaranteed.


From Queens Square to Brunel’s Arches: Seetru’s Early Footprints

Seetru’s story began amidst the grandeur of Bristol’s history. Our first offices graced the elegant facade of number ten Queens Square, a building dating back to the 17th century and now proudly boasting Grade II listed status. But our ambitions soon outgrew these stately walls.

Driven by the spirit of innovation, we ventured under the iconic arches of Bristol Temple Meads, a masterpiece conceived by the legendary engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. These historic arches housed Seetru’s first engineering works, where we meticulously crafted our products and utilized the efficient reach of British Rail’s Red Star Service to deliver them across the nation.

These early sites were more than just locations; they were testaments to Seetru’s dedication to progress. From the refined elegance of Queens Square to the industrial heart of Brunel’s arches, each space fueled our ingenuity and laid the foundation for our future growth. It was here, amidst the echoes of history, that Seetru ignited its journey towards becoming a global leader in safety and reliability.


A Trusted Marine Partner: By the 1980s

Seetru’s expertise earned industry approval for its marine-class liquid-level gauges. These gauges, compliant with the stringent SOLAS Convention, continue to safeguard countless vessels at sea.

From Gauges to Global Services: In the 1990s, Seetru leveraged its knowledge to establish Seetru Engineering Services (SES) in 1998. Today, SES is a leading provider of PSV (Pressure Safety Valve) and other test and maintenance services, serving companies worldwide.


Seetru’s growth continued in the years following the Temple Meads era

Seeking expanded production space, the company made a pivotal move to Cumberland Road. But Mr. Varga’s vision stretched even further. He recognized the potential of a prestigious waterfront location: the historic Bristol Charles Hill Shipyards.

Securing this prime real estate, Seetru embarked on a transformative redevelopment. A new assembly facility arose, and machining capabilities were significantly boosted. This move marked a strategic shift, as Seetru vertically integrated its operations, encompassing design, machining, testing, assembly, marketing, and sales – all under one roof.

The advantages were immediate. Efficiency soared, communication streamlined, and control over quality tightened. Innovation flourished, fueled by closer collaboration between all departments. This strategic decision solidified Seetru’s position as a self-sufficient leader in the safety valve industry, laying the groundwork for its continued success.


Seetru’s story is not just about innovation, it’s about dedication to safety and efficiency. From humble beginnings to global leadership, Seetru continues to ensure a safer, more reliable world, one valve and gauge at a time.